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naro-the original
This robot was built after one of the fastest swimmers on this planet. The Tuna. This species is nearly extinct due to excessive overfishing which is just one more reason to highlight the specialities of this fish. Tunas can swim up to 80km/h and can maintain 20km/h over long periods. They are designed for fast and efficient swimming. On the other hand they have a weak maneuverability.

naro - the original tried to study and understand the swimming behaviors of fish and imitated their movements according to self-made measurements and literature recherches. The main goal of this robot was to prove the concept of flapping fin propulsion for robotic purposes. However, he is not able to operate autonomously.

naro - the original, designed as a focus study project, functions as the proof of concept for bio-inspired locomotion principles and operates now on various exhibitions and shows. Experiences gained in this project are now used in the second robot to enhance fin locomotion as well as overall mechanical design.

robotic fish naro, eth zürich Specifications


1 m


13 kg


1 m/s (estimated)

diving depth:   

5 m

main material:


flapping amplitude:  


fin beat frequency:  2 Hz
robotic fish naro, eth zürich Features (concept)
actuators: 5 x 50 brushless
flippers: 2 actuated side flippers
batteries: LiPo (24V 5500mAh)

remote, joystick

diving system:

2 diving tanks


flexible exo sceleton


pressure sensor
motor encoders
water leakage sensor

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