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naro - nautical robot aims to develop autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) that are able to accomplish various tasks in the challenging underwater environment. A speciality of our robots is the natural locomotion principle. 
We try to imitate natural movements of sea-life creatures to investigate efficiency and locomotion concept. At the same time, naro will collect important data of the marine environment. We are not building an autonomous robot with many propellers, instead we try to adapt ourselves to the environment we are aiming to investigate. 
naro - nautical robot began as a focus study project in 2008. The goal was to imitate the swimming movement of a tuna in a robotic system. 
The question, if flapping fins may be more efficient than propellers lays behind the whole project and is continued to be investigated in the new robot naro - tartaruga.
The robot naro - tartaruga will be the new flagship of the project. The robot, inspired by the sea-turtle, will use a 3D flapping fin propulsion system and a set of sensors will allow it to operate autonomously. 
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